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Scone Example Plugins

We already developed over 10 prototypes using Scone during the last 3 years. Here are some examples:


HyperScout is a tool that adds popups to every link of a page. These popups display additional information to the link and the target document. Thereby, we hope to make it easier for the user to decide whether to follow a link or not.

HyperScout was evaluated in several user tests and we could detect several strengths and weaknesses of our concept. We are already working on the third version of HyperScout to improve the usability of the tool. The results of this evaluation will be published soon.

More information on the first version of HyperScout can be found in our paper Concepts for Improved Visualization of Web Link Attributes published at the 9th WWW conference and on our demo page.


BrowsingIcons is a tool to support revisitation of Web pages. To do this, it dynamically draws dynamic graphs of the paths of users as they surf the Web. Compared to using a plain browser, people can revisit web pages faster when they use these visualizations. A study showed that they also enjoy the visualizations more than Netscape alone.

For more information, have a look at Matthias Mayer's project homepage.

Google Rückspiegel

The "Google Rückspiegel" (Google rearview mirror) can be used to surf the Web backwards. It displays thumbnails of pages referring to the page currently displayed in the browser. Google is used to obtain this Information.

Have a look at Frank Wollenweber's thesis (pdf, German) for more information.

Look Of The Link Evaluation

In 2001 we published a paper on "The Look of the Link - Concepts for the User Interface of Extended Hyperlinks". We used Scone to evaluate several aspects of link marker presentation, discussed in this paper. Scone was supplemented with an evaluator package, which can present tasks and questionnaires to the user using a Swing GUI. The evaluator can also log the actions of the user and control which and how pages are displayed in the browser.
New: Scone now includes a userTestTool that allows to easily create such Web usability tests. A new test is defined using an XML definition file, the output is also an XML file with all user actions and user inputs.

For more Information please contact Harald Weinreich
Last Update: 02-Feb-2009