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Welcome to Scone

Scone is a Java Framework published under the GNU GPL, which was designed to allow the quick development and evaluation of new Web enhancements for research and educational purposes. Scone is focussed on tools which help to improve the navigation and orientation on the Web.

Scone has a modular architecture and offers several components, which can be used, enhanced and programmed using a plugin concept. Scone plugins can augment Web browsers or servers in many ways. They can:

  • generate completely new views of Web documents,
  • show extra navigation tools inside an extra window next to the browser,
  • offer workgroup tools to support collaborative navigation,
  • enrich web pages with new navigational elements,
  • help to evaluate such prototypes in controlled experiments etc.

The framework works stable, was optimized for high performance and has successfully been used for several prototypes. It is being developed as a research project at the Distributed Systems and Information Systems Group (VSIS) of the University of Hamburg.

Project members

Verantwortlich fr diese Seiten gem 10 Absatz 3 MDStV:
Harald Weinreich
Krochmannstr. 66
D-22297 Hamburg
Tel.: o4o / 75o 9o 79


For more Information please contact Harald Weinreich
Last Update: 02-Feb-2009