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TEA - Scone's Test Environment for Automation

Tests of web sites and new web enhancements are often quite costly: Participants have to be motivated, tests have to be conducted and the recorded data needs a lot of transcribing to be analyzed.

"TEA" -- Scone's UserTestTool -- was developed to support usability experts while performing usability tests with real users. TEA can simplyfy such tests and make them more efficient by decreasing the amount of work needed to record and analyze the required information. TEA also presents the tasks to the user and records his answers. Furthermore this tool can control the Browser (Internet Explorer) and collect most user actions while browsing.

Have a look at a screen shot of TEA in use.


Please go to the Scone Download Page and download Scone with TEA as an integrated plug-in.

Installation and first steps

A German description of the installation process and of the first steps to use the UserTestTool can be downloaded as an PDF file UserTestTool.pdf, 350 kB.

Questions, suggestions and critque

The UserTestTool was developed as a master thesis at the computer science department of the university of Hamburg, Germany. If you have questions or suggestions, please mail them to Torsten Hass


Scone is a Java Framework published under the GNU GPL, which was designed to allow the quick development and evaluation of new Web enhancements for research and educational purposes. Scone is focussed on tools which help to improve the navigation and orientation on the Web.

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